Havana Auto Electric... a look outside the building!

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Havana Auto Electric... a look inside the shop!!

Havana Auto Electric... a look inside the shop!

Havana Auto Electric... a look at the side of our building!

Havana Auto Electric... Ready to Serve You!!



Owner, Louie Cuevas has been an electrician and auto tech for 35 years.  Him and his brother did engine and transmission swaps and repairs and they grew up. He started rebuilding alternators, starters and electric motors in 1982 in New Jersey.  In 1983, he went into the Navy, and after leaving the Navy, he stayed in Norfolk, VA and worked at RCS Electric, Inc in Chesapeake, VA and also worked on weekends at mass production warehouse in Hamden, VA. 

In 1989, Louie acquired a job in Aurora, CO at HAVANA AUTO ELECTRIC, then owned by Joseph and Rose Scott. One year later, he acquired ownership of the business in 1990 and was there ever since. They have rebuilt large and small engines to electric motors and all makes and models, boats, airplanes, golf carts, autos, and trucks. 

In 2016, I sold the building in Aurora, CO and relocated to SW Florida to establish the same business here. 

I have owned a home here for the past three years and my family has been in SW Florida since the late 70’s. My experience and references speak for themselves. 

“Give me an opportunity to serve you and you will NOT regret it!! I have ALWAYS stood behind ALL my repairs on vehicles and units and all electrical and mechanical repairs.  I am a master technician and can rewire just about anything and can find ANY kind of short in circuits or wiring harnesses. “


Louie Cuevas – pictured below with his lovely grand daughter! 

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